What We’re Reading Right Now…

1% Better Every Day

We’re all unique at Grassroots Targeting and that carries into what we’re reading – take a look at what each of us are reading this month!

Blaise HazelwoodAtomic Habits by James Clear
This book helps to keep in perspective that even small habit changes can be super beneficial over time. Clear’s formula that if you do 1% better every day that will result in nearly 37 times better after one year.


Tim SalerThe New Class War by Michael Lind
As Republicans become more and more the party of the working class, this book presents a somewhat more left-wing perspective of a conflict between populists and an educated, managerial class that wants to control every aspect of our lives. Even though this book was written pre-COVID, its framework rings especially familiar in the COVID era.

Juston JohnsonThe Expectant Father by Armin A. Brott
Because in a few short months my wife and I will be responsible for the survival of a tiny human.

Ellen TablerBeginners: The joy & transformative power of lifelong learning by Tom Vanderbilt
This book describes the joys and pains of learning new skills – as well as the scientific reasons it is more difficult to learn new skills as an adult. As a person who loves to learn it was captivating to find out about the possibilities and advantages of learning new skills, not pertaining to your career (e.g. surfing, chess), as an adult.

Ryan BurchfieldThinking in Bets by Annie Duke
Life isn’t a game of chess, it’s a game of poker with lots of hidden information and irrational players.  Every decision is a bet.  Pete Carrol made the right bet in the Super Bowl calling for a pass on the one-yard line, he just got a bad outcome.  Statistically, that was the safer call.  Thinking in Bets helps you recognize the right bet versus a bad outcome and how to make the sum of your bets improve your life.

Nick LauritsenFoundation by Isaac Asimov
A Sci-fi book that inspired star wars. A scientist predicts the downfall of the Galactic Empire where science and technology have ceased innovation and are only relying on the ideas of the past.  He takes a team of scientists to a remote planet with no resources under the guise of creating an encyclopedia, but truly intends to create a community to replace the empire, and cut short the impending dark age.