Santa and GT’s Super Speeds

Christmas Bell_Polar ExpressIn order to deliver presents to every child on Christmas Eve, Santa spends only .0003 seconds at every house and travels around 1,367 miles per second over 42 hours. His unique high-tech sleigh, trusty reindeer, and belief help him bring the magic of Christmas to children across the world. We believe in Santa’s ability to make the impossible, possible.

Here at GT, like Santa, we also use in-house proprietary technology and our swift team members to deliver super speeds to our clients. We are impressed by Santa’s skills, but we are proud to be faster than him in our field, modeling all 220 million voters in the US in only 18,000 seconds (.00008 seconds per voter). As for 2022, we will be delivering big wins in small and large races across the country.

We still hear the bell ring… do you?

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Grassroots Targeting Team