Blaise Hazelwood

Founder & CEO

...enjoys 5am workouts, building a Path to Victory, and figuring out how to be in three places at once to keep up with her family...

Blaise has always been driven by an intellectual curiosity to discover what strategies and tactics work the best. Her passion for grassroots started at a young age going door to door to get signatures. It was most likely the Arizona heat that made her start thinking – how can she do this more efficiently?

In 2001 Blaise was given the unique opportunity to lead the 72 Hour Task Force. The 72 Hour Task force conducted dozens of field tests and changed the Republican Party’s GOTV from Get on TV to Get Out the Vote – person to person campaigning. As RNC Political Director in 2002 and 2004 she spearheaded the development of Voter Vault, the first online national voter file; created the Team Leader program; and led the implementation of the 72 Hour Task Force throughout the country. Blaise took her grassroots mindset to the NRSC where she served as Political Director in 2006.

The 72 Hour test results were the inspiration for Grassroots Targeting. There was the dire need to have better voter lists and an understanding of how to motivate and persuade individual voters. Blaise has modeled every precinct in the country, in addition, Grassroots Targeting has conducted microtargeting projects and consulted for Presidential campaigns, U.S. Senators and Congressional members, National and State Parties, IEs, and local campaigns.

Blaise continues to have the motivation to learn. In 2013 she founded the Center for Strategic Initiatives to gather like-minded conservatives and discover best practices and new technology.

Blaise recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with her husband Dan and does her best to keep up with her three kids and three dogs.

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