Blaise Hazelwood

Founder & CEO

...enjoys 5am workouts, building a Path to Victory, and figuring out how to be in three places at once to keep up with her family...

Blaise Hazelwood founded Grassroots Targeting in 2005. She has conducted microtargeting for and provided strategic advice to presidential candidates, Governors, Senators, members of Congress, party chairmen, independent expenditure groups, and major corporations. She spearheaded the construction of Voter Vault, the first online national voter database.

In 2018, Blaise made history by guiding the successful $35 million independent expenditure effort that helped elect Senator Rick Scott in Florida, the nation’s premier swing state, beating Democrat Bill Nelson after he’d gone undefeated in federal elections for thirty years.

In 2016, Blaise provided data and analytics services to campaigns and organizations across the country, including the Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican Governors Association, and the National Rifle Association.

In 2014, Blaise provided targeting and strategic advice to Cory Gardner’s successful U.S. Senate campaign in Colorado, unseating incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Udall. She also provided targeting to Governor Rick Scott’s successful re-election campaign in Florida.

In 2012, Blaise was responsible for the targeting and data work that helped Governor Scott Walker survive the historic recall challenge in Wisconsin. Later that year, Blaise was a member of the Republican National Committee’s microtargeting team on behalf of the Romney for President campaign and the entire Republican ticket, producing targeting data in Arizona, Missouri, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.

In 2010, Blaise developed the Republican National Committee’s regional microtargeting project that powered the party’s historic gains that November, picking up 63 congressional seats, 6 seats in the United States Senate, and 6 governorships.

Blaise has led and managed political operations for the national Republican Party, high-profile grassroots programs, and political campaigns. With years of experience at the highest levels of national politics and on the forefront of political technology innovation, she has served in several key positions for the national Republican Party since 2000 including two terms as Political Director at the Republican National Committee (2002, 2004 cycles), NRSC Political and Media Director (2006), and an advisor to RNC Chairmen and top officials.

Blaise is recognized for leading the development and implementation of the 72 Hour Program, which is credited with revolutionizing Get Out The Vote efforts, including the RNC’s successful online Team Leader program.