Thanksgiving Trivia

Grassroots Targeting’s First Annual Thanksgiving Day Trivia

Q1) Which President issued the Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, after being lobbied by none other than the author of “Mary’s Lamb” aka “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Sarah Josepha Hale?

Q2) How many turkeys are consumed each year?

Q3) From it’s humble beginnings in 1981, when 6 economists worked to answer 11,000 turkey-cooking questions, how many calls do the experts at the Butterball Turkey helpline handle every Nov and Dec? (If you need help call 1-800-BUTTERBALL or Text 844-877-3456

Q4) By a wide margin, which US Sate raises the most turkeys and which produces the most cranberries?

Q5) Expecting Thanksgiving Day travel to rebound from COVID, how many people does AAA estimate that will travel 50+ miles this Nov?

Q6) Who was the first US President to grant a Presidential pardon to a turkey?



Q1)  Abraham Lincoln

Q2)  46 million

Q3)  100,000

Q4)  Minnesota raises over 10 million more turkeys than the next closest state and Wisconsin produces 62% of all US cranberries

Q5)  53.4 Million (48.3 million via car, 4.2 million via air, and 1 million via bus, train and cruise) which is a +13% year over year growth

Q6)  George H.W. Bush

From all of us at Grassroots Targeting, we wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving.