Grassroots Targeting welcomes Nick Lauritsen

Nick Lauritsen

Grassroots Targeting is excited to welcome Nick Lauritsen as Director of Data Analytics. He brings a unique and diverse skill set, previously working in the RNC data department, as a data director in Virginia, and managed competitive political campaigns.

Nick joined Grassroots Targeting in 2020 and has a unique background managing political campaigns as well as working in analytical modeling and microtargeting.

In 2018, Nick served as Regional Data Director at the Republican National Committee, overseeing critical battleground races in the Southeast. In that year alone, Nick worked with more than 70 stakeholders and delivered 50 targeting projects, including 10 in battleground congressional districts. Nick scripted and deployed over 100 polls in targeted congressional districts across the Southeast United States. Nick’s efforts to deploy data into the field on behalf of the RNC helped elect three U.S. Senators and three Governors in his region.

In 2016 Nick was a member of the RNC data team in Florida, directed absentee and early vote universes, and managed a field team in Northeast Florida. The team narrowly directed Trump to a Florida Victory registering and turning out voters that were long dormant before 2016.

Nick has put data into real-world application in the field in New Hampshire, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Virginia. Nick has managed multiple political campaigns including Congressman Marlin Stutzman in his home state of Indiana.

Nick is a long-suffering Purdue Boilermaker and Chicago sports fan who’s life peaked seeing the Cubs win the world series in 2016.