Big Wins in Austin!


No, really – Austin, TX.

Yes, that Austin, TX.

On Saturday, May 1st, history was made by not only defeating a big-money liberal power grab, but doing it with astronomical voter turnout and a massive win margin.

We want to congratulate the efforts of Restore Leadership ATX PAC, Austinites for Equity PAC and Austin for All People to oppose Proposition F. They were victorious by a massive 72-point margin, by far the strongest performance for any measure on this year’s ballot.

Our targeting efforts made it possible to deliver the single most effective message to critical voters in the lead-up to the election. Our persuasion message targeting almost exactly mirrored the final 72-point win margin after delivering our most effective argument to each voter, reflecting a nearly flawless campaign by our friends and allies.

This spring’s big win follows up on our work in December 2020 which helped elect Mackenzie Kelly to the Austin City Council, the only Republican to hold a seat.

Councilwoman Kelly defeated an incumbent Democrat by 4 points, despite that Democrat incumbent leading the first round of November voting by 7 points. Our ballot and message models from mid-November accurately prescribed Kelly’s 4-point win.

From surviving the “blue wave” of 2018 to stunning victories in the most liberal city in the state, our Texas targeting work has proven not only accurate, but highly effective at helping great campaigns, candidates & causes win despite even the most challenging electoral scenarios.

We’re excited to continue helping the best campaigns in the Lone Star State!