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Grassroots Targeting Launches The GTAC

jindalacThe GTAC (aka, the Grassroots Targeting Action Center) is an online toolbox for volunteers to show their support for a campaign or cause. Not only do volunteers have access to the standard tools, such as:

  • Letter to the editor
  • Call talk radio
  • Voter registration
  • Absentee voter requests
  • Polling place look up
  • Representative look up
  • Social network connections

The GTAC allows volunteers to earn points by completing actions and compare their progress with others on the Leaderboard! Campaigns can choose whether they want to:

  • Award badges or let volunteers
  • Redeem points for gear.
In addition to offering volunteers an extensive online toolbox, the GTAC allows campaigns to track how the tools are used and by whom - allowing campaigns to turn to their active online volunteers in to active offline volunteers! And the robust administrative tools allow campaigns to:
  • Awards points for activities completed offline
  • Add new volunteers,
  • Export lists of volunteers
  • Add new levels of achievement.

To see the GTAC in action, check out today.To learn more about how GTAC, call or email Grassroots Targeting at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or 703-535-7590.

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Happy Friday!

To mark the last day of September, we thought we would take this time to share with you some of our favorite social tools. It seems a bright, new, shiny tool comes online everyday. And like most of you, we try it for a few days before the shine wears off. But a few gems have stood out. They aren't really political, but we think they are pretty cool. So, without further ado, here are GT's favorite social tools (or online apps with a social component). Enjoy!

Facebook (Ticker/Open Graph)facebook_logo 
stalk your friends activities on FB in real-time

This last round of changes from Facebook are true game-changers. We could (and will) dedicate an entire TIPs to these amazing new tools. But for the sake of a light list of fun apps, we're just going to focus on the ability to see, act and share through the new FB Ticker. What is so exciting about Ticker, is that it is not static. You can jump in to the stream and discover new games, music, fan pages, applications – anything using the new Open Graph platform – right through the Ticker. There is great potential for campaigns to increase their volunteer base with this feature. Imagine your volunteers using your campaign application and their entire network of friends seeing it in real-time in their Ticker – and being able to act upon it! GT is excited to incorporate it in to GTAC 2.0 – stay tuned!


it's like Trip Advisor for news stories

With the proliferation of social networks, it's getting harder and harder to sift through 1,000's of posts/articles and find something that you really want to read. Which is why we adore Summify. Instead of having to go out and search for interesting and relevant news, we get "friend-approved" news articles delivered right to our inbox. It saves us time by cutting through the clutter and actually delivers a useful product. Try it out – you will be surprised how useful it can be.


a leaderboard of online influence

As campaign professionals, we are by default Type-A personalities. Competition is what we thrive on. Which is why we love Klout. Klout measures your online social network and how active/social it is. The more people engage you online, the higher your Klout. The kicker for us is the ability to compare your scores and styles with your FB, Twitter and G+ friends (and co-workers). This is one highly-addictive app.


spotify-logowhere the best of iTunes and Pandora come together

Here at GT, we can't get enough of Spotify. Not only does it have a really simple and intuitive interface (it's based on the iTunes interface), but it offers several things that other free music streaming sites don't: 

1 – Start & stop any song at will

2 – Play your iTunes library through the app

3 – Subscribe and listen to your friends' playlists

4 – Add your friends' songs to your playlists

5 – Search and listen to nearly any song – for FREE

6 – Discover and listen to your friends songs through Facebook Ticker 

And for a small fee, you can upgrade your account and access your cloud of music from anywhere – making Apple's stranglehold on iTunes portability a thing of the past.

Embrace the QR Code Revolution & Measure Social Networking ROI

Stay on the Cutting Edge: Embrace the QR Code Revolution

GT_QR_Code_150You may have seen matrix barcodes popping up on marketing materials, even business cards, in recent months. These unique, customizable portals of information are powerful tools to spread your message and engage tech-savvy supporters. The QR (Quick Response) code can be placed on literature and read by smartphones, directing users to a website or relevant campaign info. QR Codes are expected to permeate US marketing by 2013, from direct mail pieces to catalogs, billboards, display, TV, store signage, websites and product packaging. The possibilities for application in political and public affairs campaigns are endless. Last year, smartphone users, who now constitute 35% of US adults, increased QR scanning by 1600%. QR Codes are more than the latest youth fad; 70% of scanners are between 25 and 55, the core of your outreach effort. Don’t get left behind - QR Codes are the future of marketing.

Email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to learn more about staying on the cutting edge and realizing the value of QR Codes for your campaign.


Ever Wonder if Your Social Networking is Worth the Effort?

So, you post to Facebook and people Like it. You Tweet and people Retweet it. But what about the actual impact? Are the shares and mentions across all of your social networks helping you meet your overall goals? Most social applications offer some level of reporting, but there are third party tools that take reporting to a whole new level. These tools, such as, aggregate and analyze all “content from across the universe” from nearly 100 social media sources. Discover your strength, sentiment, passion and reach. These metrics report the likelihood you are being discussed in social media, the ratio of positive to negative mentions, the level of brand loyalty in repeat mentions and your range of influence. Also see more common metrics such as frequency and number of mentions. Measure yourself against competitors by comparing keywords. You are also able to setup daily email alerts of your social media performance or display the buzz in real-time on your website. Comprehensive reporting tools should be leveraged to maximize the impact of your social media outreach and branding campaign.

Click here to learn more about Grassroots Targeting’s digital branding work using social network sharing. We’ll help you determine and maximize the ROI of your shares.


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